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CHARACTER NAME: Seborga (Vittorio Vargas)
CHARACTER SERIES: Axis Powers Hetalia


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Warnings: Sebo is a huge flirt. Lots of womanizing and misogyny here.

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OOC Information
Name: Frika
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Journal: [personal profile] freakanature06
Player Contact: [ profile] freakanature06

IC Information
Name: Seborga (Vittorio Vargas)
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Gender: Male
Age: Technically over 1000 years old, he appears to be around 17.
History: Seborga on the Hetalia wiki and Principality of Seborga on Wikipedia.
Personality: Simply put, Seborga is a bit of an idiot. He is very flighty and consistently happy, no matter what the circumstances. It's very hard to upset Seborga even a little bit, and it's even harder to keep him that way. Most people who do wind up upsetting him feel very much like they've just kicked a small puppy, and often enough apologize pretty quickly for it. He has a never-ending passion for all plants, but especially flowers, and takes a great deal of delight in cooking foods, though he will often accidentally ruin it with some sort of strange topping like ketchup on pasta, etc.

Like any Italian, family is very important to Seborga, and he displays this by consistently pestering his family into insanity. But he knows that deep down, they love him anyway. Because that's what family does, they love you no matter what! Also, “family” is a more broad concept for Seborga than for most people. Growing up in such a small “country”, pretty much everyone nearby was his “family” and anybody who Seborga considers to be his friend (which is pretty much anybody he meets, really) instantly becomes a part of his extended “family”.

Seborga has a somewhat skewed view of the world. He sees life as a game that he's playing, and the rules are consistently changing, so he tries to change before they can! But this often leads to him doing very strange an unexplainable things that most people don't understand. Often enough, he doesn't fully understand the reasoning behind what he does himself.

Adding on to his intense inability to do anything productive, Seborga is also an easily distractable and very agreeable person. Shiny things, clouds, butterflies, bugs, plants, and nearly anything can distract Seborga at a moment's notice, especially if he's not very invested in what’s going on to begin with. Furthermore, he will agree with practically anything people say to him, even if he doesn't really agree and has actually said something completely contradictory only moments before. Typically, he doesn't even really know what he's agreeing to because he wasn't actually paying attention.

A last important piece of information about Seborga as a person is that he is a very flirtatious young man. He will flirt unabashedly with any girl that he deems 'cute', which tends to be just about every girl he meets. In his attempts to get some girl to go on a date with him, he has a tendency to behave in a very womanizing way, though he sees it as being nice and chivalrous. However, if any girl actually agrees to go out with him, it just confuses and baffles him and he becomes something of a blubbering mess of embarrassment. He's really not used to anyone saying yes to going out with him.

All in all, Vittorio is a very happy person who wants nothing more than to just keep being happy and make the people around him happy forever.

Powers/Abilities: Honestly, there is absolutely nothing special that Seborga has the ability to do, unless flirting with girls is somehow a super special ability...
-Inner tube
-bottle of ketchup
-pictures of cute girls
-his flag
-so many flowers, all of the flowers

Sample: The Principality of Seborga did not end with a bang. No, it was more like a soft fizzle followed by a long, drawn-out bit of confusion as the governments tried to realign themselves properly. Vittorio himself had not really cared much at the time that his own country had been melded with his brothers' once again. In fact, it seemed perfectly normal for him to be a part of Italy once more, like he had been so long ago. It made him feel more welcome and wanted than anything else, and he was really grateful for the opportunity it gave him to spend more time with his brothers.

Oddly enough, Vittorio was not the first person to realize that he was sick. It was one of his brothers, though he would be hard pressed to say which one, since they both seemed to notice right around the same time. He had become more and more lethargic as the months passed since the dissolution of his country, and in the last few weeks he had been so tired that he could hardly find the energy to eat. Despite it all, Vittorio had continued to keep smiling and picking relentlessly on his brothers and flirting constantly with any pretty girl who happened by. Of course, it wasn't long before the pretty girls started to give him strange and concerned looks and Vittorio himself started to see how pale, thin, and almost... transparent he was in the mirror.

"It's okay! I promise, no big deal! I'm fine, see??" He constantly reassured his brothers of this fact, often loudly and at very inappropriate times, and would follow his words with a bright smile and a whirling of his arms that was supposed to prove that he was feeling fine.

But he wasn't. Each day, he felt a little sicker to his stomach. Finally, after trying hard to fight it for so long, Vittorio found himself bedridden. On the table next to his bed was a vase that his brothers kept full for him, changing the flowers out every day. Today there were a variety of brightly colored roses in the vase and Vittorio could not look away from them. Because no matter how long he looked, and no matter how certain he was of the colors in the vase, all he could see were black roses, a symbol of death. He knew they weren't black, but at the same time he knew that they were.

Vittorio passed away peacefully that night. It wasn't even a big deal, not to him or to anyone else involved in his passing. All he did was continue staring at the flowers until he suddenly couldn't see anything at all anymore. When his brothers came to visit him in the morning, he was nowhere to be found. He had vanished into nothingness, just like his country. And just as his country would fade from people's memories, so too would Vittorio himself slowly fade from the memories of those who had held him dearest...

Mindset: Being such a carefree sort of person, Seborga is likely to take this all completely in stride and only make a big deal out of being dead as much as it will allow him to get with the ladies. He probably won't even fully believe that he's dead or even fully realize it because he is sort of an airhead.
G̶̶l̨͡i̵͢t̷c͝͠h̕é͠s̷̷͡: There is very little I can come up with that would seriously disturb Seborga. Mainly, having girls reject him in awful, awful ways is going to upset him. He is afraid of big scary boogeyman sorts of things and also can't swim (seeing as he is actually a landlocked micronation). Anything involving his brothers being hurt is going to upset and freak him out (this includes Veneziano, Romano, and also France). He might also be disturbed by anything involving the other micronations being harmed in some way or anything disturbing about them in general.


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